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The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission is hosting a Tree Steward training workshop Sept. 18-19 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT at its offices at 6100 Southport Rd, Portage, 46368.

This workshop is for representatives of northwest Indiana tree boards, local municipalities, and volunteers. Only 30 spots are available for this event, which is expected to sell out quickly. 

There is a $30 registration fee, which will cover lunch for both days of the event. Registration will remain open until September 1 or until all the spots have been filled. After your registration has been confirmed, a representative will contact you about payment. If payment is not made within two weeks of contact, you will be removed from the event.

The registration link is at Please include your email address if you have one, and/or your phone number. If these are not included, you will not be registered. Your information will be kept private. 

Because of the high level of interest in the Tree Steward program, attendance is limited to those in the area where the event is being held. If you do not live in the northwest Indiana area, please contact the Community & Urban Forestry Department at to ask about other Tree Steward events near you. 

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  1. Plan and install natural practices to filter and infiltrate stormwater in the Channel before it reaches Trail Creek

  2. Create or enhance 5 acres of wetlands to improve riparian ecosystem

  3. Reduce likelihood of Cheney Run Channel scouring Trail Creek banks

  4. Install recreation amenities like fishing access sites, trails, and more

Project Summary

Karwick Park/Cheney Run Walkthrough April 6, 2019

The "Before" Pictures

Project Team

Sanitary District of Michigan City 

Michael Kuss, General Manager

Steven Stanford, Operations Manager

Alliance for the Great Lakes

Ethan Brown, Senior Community Planning Manager

Delta Institute

Ben Shorofsky, Specialist

Jack Eskin, Senior Specialist

V3 Companies & Ciorba Group

Ted Blahnik (V3)

Tom Slowinski (V3)

Tony Wolff (Ciorba)

Timeline of WHY this Project is Happening

  • Past: Former natural Cheney Run stream was turned into a piped stormsewer system and channel

  • 1965-1971: Karwick Nature Park used as an unofficial dump site

  • 1972: Dump was closed and covered with sand. Plants naturally took over the site.

  • 2013: A strong rain storm event overloaded the Cheney Run Channel and Trail Creek. Old trash underneath exposed. Emergency repairs were undertaken.

  • 2014-2016: A Feasibility Study was prepared on various potential projects to manage and treat the stormwater flow in the Cheney Run Channel.

Cheney Run Stormwater Wetland Updated Schedule 

      with Target Completion Dates

January 2019

Kick-off Meeting with Project Team and Engineering Team  1/11/2019


Tree Survey (subject to weather conditions)  2/8/2019

Review H&H Models, Groundwater Baseline  2/8/2019

Coordinate with regulators (IDEM)  2/8/2019

Workshop 1: Visioning  - TCWP Meeting  2/13/2019

Workshop 2: Visioning – @ DNR Offices & Krueger Memorial Hall  2/26/2019


V3 Deliverable: 30% Preliminary Engineering Plans 3/6/2019

Project Team reviews and comments on 30% Plans 3/13/2019

Workshop 3: Feedback - TCWP Meeting 3/13/2019

Workshop 4: Feedback – Big Meeting @ Krueger Memorial Hall 3/21/2019


V3 Deliverable: 70% Preliminary Engineering Plans 4/12/2019

Project Team Reviews and Comments: 70% plans, draft permit applications, model updates 4/12/2019

V3 Deliverable: Submit 70% Plans and Permit Applications to USACE, IDEM, IDNR 4/26/2019

May - June

Agency Review (Est 60 days) & provide comments 6/25/2019


V3 Deliverable: Revise and resubmit to agencies per comments 7/25/2019

August - September

Agency Final Review & Approval (Est 60 days) 9/23/2019


V3 Deliverable: Completed 100% Engineering Plans/bid docs 10/23/2019

RFB Released 10/23/2019


Construction Contractor Selected 11/25/2019

December 2019 -March 2020

Construction Period 3/31/2020

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